Our time in France, Ireland, and the UK felt a bit like our training ground, and the Biscay + Spain was where the training wheels came off and we felt like we were cruising for real. It was just us from now on, no trips back to the yard to fix things or have people explain things for us. This was it, and it felt pretty great.

Camariñas was the perfect first base. We anchored there for several days and met several other boats (had our first beach bon fire!), visited A Coruña by bus, and popped south to Muxia for some bike riding to Cape Fisterre. We were surprised to see a couple of white sand beaches combined with pine trees! There were some great walks in the area – it felt good to stretch our legs and get outside.

We also both suffered our first bout of food poisoning. We’ll spare you those details, although Randy did write up quite a riveting short rant about the experience 😉 We saw some interesting race boats wait out a gale when we arrived in Baiona. It was a time of boat projects, bike rides, and planning. Typical cruising I guess!

A Mini-Transat raceboat parked next to Randonnée in Baiona. Unfortunately we were both down with food poisoning and couldn’t walk the docks and meet these folks!